Underground Devices Provides Bore Spacers that are Custom Designed and Manufactured to Fit Your Requirements and Specifications.

Bore Spacers by Underground Devices, Inc. are unique.  Our design and manufacturing process allows us new design and bore spacer enhancements never before available.  The design of our bore spacers supports and cradles the conduits for ease of assembly, while allowing for the optimal free flow of grout.  Without the free flow of grout around the bore spacers, an otherwise well-executed grout injection procedure can result in grout voids, incomplete fill and other serious problems.

We have a recent video of a PVC duct bank being installed in a steel casing utilizing Underground Devices Bore Spacers and our single-end grout injection technique.  This video is raw footage that has not been edited.  It is available to you, along with a written narrative, upon your request.

Bore Spacer Installations Include:

  • Conduit-in-Casing Straight Bore Installations That Utilize:
    • Steel Casings
    • Hobas Casings
    • Concrete Casings
    • Fiberglass Casings
  • Multi-Duct, Casingless, Directional Bores that Incorporate HDPE Conduits
  • Conduit-in-Casing Directional Bores that Incorporate HDPE Casings

Available Bore Spacer Features Include:

  • Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Contoured Grout Flow Holes
  • A Scalloped Perimeter
  • A High Strength HDPE or PVC Body
  • Provisions For Anti-Corkscrew Measures Including:
  • Cable Stabilization Holes
  • Can be provided with removable crescents for easier loading of cables
  • “L Angle” Slots
  • Off-Center Weight Technique

You work directly with our sales and engineering departments. Get the bore spacer that you want, when you want it.

An Underground Devices Bore Spacer’s sturdy, efficient design can drastically decrease installation time, while ensuring that your project is done right the first time.